How Can The League Prevent Intentional Tanking?

Photo by Ken Levine via Getty Images

I am not an NBA fan at all. They lost me when they propped Kobe and Lebron up to God-like status and left everyone else in the dust. Well, since this whole Jeremy Lin thing took off, I find myself checking up on the situation of my team a little more often.

My team, the Detroit Pistons, is a team that, if you wanted to, could be somewhat comparable to the Oilers. I look at the Pistons with a team of young, hustle players and say, "Boy, if they can really suck it for one more season then they'll get a top pick and be set to compete. I hope that they don't win too many games." After catching myself saying this, I proceeded to punch my brain in the groin. I hate that kind of talk. What kind of world do we live in where fans of teams are cheering for them to lose so that they can get better?

The Oilers are not only in this situation, but the management seems to have drank all of the Kool-aid and are trying to find a way to get it streaming through our tap water. Totally sold out to the suck. This team sucks, it's built to suck, and it will continue to suck until they decide that the time is right and then, and only then, they will immediately win five cups in a row. Sacrificing what would be eight years of hockey for any amount of theoretical Stanley Cups in the future is wrong. You can't force a good hockey market to go through a decade of last place hockey. There is no reason for this.

After firing all of my rage at management and at Renney for his "well, that's how it goes" attitude, I have realized that I can't pile all of the blame on them. If the league is going to continue to give the last place team, the trash house of an organization that finishes last, the joke of a franchise that wins the fewest games, if they're going to give that team the #1 pick in the draft, then so be it. But, the trash should not get rewarded. The refusal to do anything to make your team better should not be rewarded. Columbus, the crapville of hockey, should not be the place where the NHL sends its newest and brightest shining star. "Welcome to the NHL, kid. Columbus is a huge problem for us, go fix it."

I hate the system because it rewards crappy teams. It encourages giving up in February. It is too much temptation for sucky teams like the Oilers. It needs to be fixed.

My Proposal:

Forgive me if I am stealing anyone else's thunder. I am sure that a lot of people have come up with theories regarding how to fix this mess.

Here are my points:

-Cut the season to 80 games.

- For the teams that finish out of the playoffs, hold a sudden death elimination tournament the week preceding the playoffs. The 17th place team gets the top placing in the tournament and plays last place and it goes on from there.

- The winner of the tournament gets the 1st pick and goes down from there.

This way, everyone who misses out gets a shot at the top pick. Basically, it rewards teams that are still playing well near the end of the season.

- Give the players bonuses for how far they get.

- Plus, all of the fans in every city get a little bit of "playoff hockey" every season.

This could be a stupid idea, but so is the shootout and we've had that going on for a while now. You want to make the games more exciting, let the teams battle it out right until the end.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this FanPost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the staff.

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