Grading Steve Tambellini (Trades)

So like a lot of Oiler fans over the past week or so I have been outraged by the rumor of Mr. Tambellini. It's not that Tambi have done anything overly wrong in his stay in Edmonton. This post will only show my personal opinion on the trades (I'll address signings in another post later on. of Tambi and how I would score them on 1-5 scale (5 = great, 4 = good, 3 = ok, 2 = poor 3, 1 = disaster). Now Tambi only took over the franchise in 2008 so I can/will only hold him accountable for the moves made after that period. Only significant moves will be evaluated here.

1. January 17, 2009.

Mathieu Garon to PIT for Ryan Stone, Danny Sabourin, 2011 4th rounder (Tobias Rieder) Score 2

I may be biased here because I always preferred Garon to Roloson when the split duty in the pipes. Garon gave the Oilers solid goaltending until the 3 headed monster in net came about. Stone and Sabourin lasted a season each bouncing between the AHL and NHL before both being let go. Tobias Rieder really isnt that interesting of a prospect but could suprise down the road.

2. March 4, 2009.

Erik Cole + 2009 5th rounder to LA for Patrick O'Sullivan and 2009 2nd rounder (William Wrenn) Score 2.

While I cant entirely fault Tambi for this being a bust because O'Sullivan has been a waste of skin on all teams since his LA days, the fact he had to trade Cole after less than a season points to a failure more than anything. O'Sully was terrible here and will not be missed in the slightest.

3. June 28, 2009

Kyle Brodziak + 2009 6th to MIN for 2009 4+5 rounders (Kyle Biggos+Olivier Roy) Score 1

While Roy may develop into an NHL goaltender down the road, I have serious doubt about his abilities, especially his glove hand. Biggos doesnt appear to have any real promise to be and NHLer but hey, anything could happen. Kyle Brodziak was a PK and FO whiz kid, the perfect 3rd liner. (I drool imagining his centering Glencross and Jones). Now Brodziak is a 2nd line center on a very competitive Wild team and on pace to clear 20 goals this season.

4. March 2, 2010

Denis Grebeshkov to NSH for 2010 2nd rounder (Curtis Hamilton) Score 4

This is a bright spot for Tambi, Garbagekov was IMO, the worst dman we've had since Booboo Miranov. Big turnover machine will no offense or physical game to speak of. That 2nd rounder turned into Curtis Hamilton who shows nothing but signs of become at the minimum, an effective 3rd line grinder, with an upside of a top 6 power forward.

5. March 3, 2010

Lubomir Visnovsky to ANA for Ryan Whitney + 2010 6th rounder (Brandon Davidson) Score 3.5

This is a tough one, we lost the eventual top scoring Dman in the league but the way Whitney played in the 54 games last season leads many to believe he could be all that and more. Unfortunately Whitney has had serious health problems since becoming an oiler and now ponders if he will ever be more than 80% healthy the rest of his career. If Whitney can regain last years form this trade could be a 5/5 but if he doesnt it could be a 3. This one isnt on Tambi since he cannot predict health but it could be a tough bullet to bite.

6. June 26, 2010

Riley Nash to CAR for 2010 2nd rounder (Martin Marincin) Score 4

Nash was never fitting into the Oilers line up and was frustrated with the organization, Marincin shows signs of bring a Chara like game to Edmonton. Big mean Slovak that along with Gernat could bring some serious, and much needed, stability and physicality to an underwhelming d core.

7. June 30, 2010

Patrick O'Sullivan to PHX for Jim Vandermeer Score 3

Like i stated above, Sully was brutal here and continues to be in each new market. Vandermeer was a solid shut down 5-6 dman who hit, fought, and had a touch of offense in him game. Letting him walk for nothing was a failure on Tambi's part but this is solely based on the trade itselft.

8. Feb 28, 2011

Dustin Penner to LA for Colten Tuebert and 2011 1st (Oscar Klefbom) and 2012 3rd Score 4

I liked Penner as an Oiler but this was a solid trade. I would have rather seen Hemsky go than Penner but maybe that will comes true at the deadline this year. Tuebert is still a little green for the NHL but isnt any less capable than most of our dcore . The real steal here is Klefbom. Some scouts say he has more upside than Larsson in the long term. He may never reach that potential but I like the sounds of the big swedish dman who was all world at the WJC this year.

7. June 26, 2011

Colin Fraser + 2012 7th rounder to LA for Ryan Smyth Score 3.5

A lot of fans will say this is the best trade ever, we got back the heart and the soul of Edmonton with the infamous "mulletgate trade". Fraser wasnt anything special here and at times was downright awful. Smyth came for practically nothing and does bring leadership and scoring to the team. Long term however, he will need to sign for under 3mil a season for no more than 3 years for his to appease me. Hes 36 and likely wont break 50pts in his career ever again. Currently, IMO, hes keeping the 2nd line LW spot warm for MPS (taking into account he breaks out of his cavern of a slump) and next season Smyth should be on the 3rd line with Jones and Horcoff. You cant deny the excitement and fan base smyth bring home. Welcome back captain Canada!

8. July 12, 2011

Andrew Cogliano to ANA for 2013 2nd rounder Score 3

Cogliano showed signs in his rookie year along with Gagner and Nilsson of being the future of the franchise. That fades quickly. Unreal speed and good checking abilities but with no the offense he became expendable. the 2nd round pick is about what he was worth in my mind so this is a fair trade. In 2 years we'll see what we get with this pick.

Out of the 8 major moves (my discretion) we have a total of 40pts for Tambi to possibly reach. When the scores all add up we get a combined score of 30pts for a total of 75%. Is that good enough? My opinion on Tambi is that I personally dont want to see him resigned. What are your thoughts.

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