RW, D, G Potential Returns for Hemsky and others...

For the Edmonton Oilers it's time to get something worthwhile in return for Hemsky

It's time to get something that pays off and that may mean packaging some players with Hemsky to get 1 or 2 quality prospects from one of the teams below.

The Oilers have a need for a top pairing D, but they also have a glaring lack of quality RWs after Eberle. They've been putting LWs and Cs at the position all year with limited success. There is nobody in their system that is a true potential top 6 RW. It was frustrating to see Ty Rattie still available after our second pick at the 2011 draft.

At goalie we don't have much but outside potential. Khabibulin is getting older everyday and has cooled significantly since his hot start and it doesn't look like Dubnyk will ever be a starter. We've got a few potential prospects that may or may not turn out.

These are teams that may have interest in 'buying' at trade deadline (in the playoff hunt with some cap room). I've eliminated some huge prospects that these teams most likely won't give up.

I think the Oilers should be willing to give up any of these players to get a deal done. I don't think Hemsky alone will return a top prospect. We should have packaged Hemsky and Penner last year to go after a top prospect like Brayden Schenn. I also don't think we should give up on Gagner and O'marra or Smid, Peckham, Plante, Petry and Chorney or Belanger for his faceoff prowess.

These players should all be in play:

UFA This year - Hemsky-RW, Smyth-LW (if waives NTC for a contender then resigns in summer), Sutton-D, Hordichuk-LW, Green-LW, Petrell-C, Danis-G, Keller-RW

RFA This year - Omark-LW, Vande Velde-C, Kytnar-C, Barker-D, Dubnyk-G, Tremblay-LW

UFA Next Year - Jones-LW, Whitney-D (NTC), Khabibulin-G

Could also consider these players: Gilbert-D, Potter-D, Eager-LW if the price is right.

I really like what the Hawks, Kings and Penguins could offer as prospects.

Which teams could give us the best return?

Last First Position Height Born Property Age
Olsen Dylan D 6'2" 91-1-3 Blackhawks 21
Simpson Kent G 6'3" 92-3-26 Blackhawks 19
Hayes Jimmy RW 6'6" 89-11-21 Blackhawks 22
Cole Ian D 6'1" 89-2-21 Blues 22
Allen Jake G 6'2" 90-8-7 Blues 21
Rattie Tyler RW 6'0" 93-2-5 Blues 18
Orlov Dmitry D 6'0" 91-7-23 Capitals 20
Holtby Braden G 6'2" 89-9-16 Capitals 22
Kuznetsov Yevgeni RW 6'1" 92-5-19 Capitals 19
de Haan Calvin D 6'1" 91-5-9 Islanders 20
Poulin Kevin G 6'2" 90-4-12 Islanders 21
Okposo Kyle RW 6'0" 88-4-16 Islanders 23
Forbort Derek D 6'5" 92-3-4 Kings 19
Jones Martin G 6'4" 90-1-10 Kings 22
Toffoli Tyler RW 6'1" 92-4-24 Kings 19
Gudbranson Erik D 6'4" 92-1-7 Panthers 20
Markstrom Jacob G 6'3" 90-1-31 Panthers 21
Hyman Zachary RW 6'2" 92-6-9 Panthers 19
Despres Simon D 6'4" 91-7-27 Penguins 20
Killeen Patrick G 6'4" 90-4-15 Penguins 21
Bennett Beau RW 6'1" 91-11-27 Penguins 20
Blum Jonathon D 6'1" 89-1-30 Predators 22
Hellberg Magnus G 6'5" 91-4-4 Predators 20
Budish Zach RW 6'3" 91-5-9 Predators 20
Erixon Tom D 6'2" 90-2-24 Rangers 21
Johnson Chad G 6'3" 86-6-10 Rangers 25
Thomas Christian RW 5'9" 92-5-26 Rangers 19
Smith Brendan D 6'2" 89-2-8 Red Wings 22
Mcollum Thomas G 6'2" 89-12-7 Red Wings 22
Pulkkinen Teemu RW 5'11 92-1-2 Red Wings 20
Cowen Jared D 6'5" 91-1-25 Senators 20
Lehner Robin G 6'3" 91-7-24 Senators 20
Noesen Stefan RW 6'1" 93-2-12 Senators 18
Oleksiak Jamie D 6'6" 92-12-21 Stars 19
Bachman Richard G 5'11" 87-7-25 Stars 24
Smith Reilly RW 6'0" 91-4-1 Stars 20
Brodin Jonas D 6'1" 93-7-12 Wild 18
Hackett Matt G 6'2" 90-3-7 Wild 21
Coyle Charlie RW 6'2" 92-3-2 Wild 19

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this FanPost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the staff.

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