Hemsky Actually Made the Oilers a Worst Team Last Year


There have been a number of blogs written about Hemsky over the years and very few them have been negative. There’s a reason for that. Ales Hemsky is a good Hockey player. He’s obviously a great talent and his most well known fault is that he is injury prone. How many times have Oilers fans said "If Hemsky was healthy last year he would have scored so many more points and the Oilers would have been a much better team because of it". Well...after last year...that is no longer true.

Last year the Oilers made the made some big steps in actually turning the corner. They brought in some new (younger) player, a new systems and a new attitude. The finished a disappointing last place, for the second season in a row, but there were some really good things that came from the new crop of players.

 Taylor Hall proved that he was worth the Hype. Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi had pretty decent rookie seasons, especially considering they weren’t really playing behind veterans. Linus Omark showed that he was indeed a YouTube sensation but also showed he had a defensive game too. Jeff Petry and Theo Peckham stepped up on Defense. Yep they sucked....but at least they left us looking forward to next season.

While I was watching the games last season one thing stood out to me. The Oilers didn’t seem to be as good of team when Hemsky played. I eventually got of my a** and decided to warm up my old Ti-83 and see if I could find some stats to prove this. What do you know...I did.

I’m not a Stats guy but was able to figure out a few simple things....Like Hemsky played in 57% of the Oilers games last year. I also was able to figure out that Hemsky played in 56% of the games that the Oilers won. This number didn’t seem right. Your top offensive player should have more of an impact on the teams wins....Shouldn’t he????

I decided to check it out and did the same calculations with a couple other players. Again This is what I found....

Hall  - 79% GP / 88% Wins

Horcoff - 57% GP / 76% Wins

Horcoff blew my mind. Guess he’s not such a bad captain after all. And Hall...guess he really was the real deal.

Well the Oilers were a complete yard sale on the power play last year and maybe this is is directly related to Hemsky not being on the ice. Wrong Again.

To Repeat, Hemsky played in 57% of the Oilers games. Of the games where the Oilers scored at least one power play goal, Hemsky only played in 43% of them. The Oilers were far worst on the power play when Hemsky played.

So what does that leave us. Well I sure expected that Hemsky would have really helped the Oilers win more games. I also thought that He would have had a more positive impact on the power play, after all...he’s almost a point per game player. I can’t believe that he was actually a hindered both. Who would have guessed. 

So lets end like this...Ales Hemsky is a great offensive player and if he was on the right team then he might be able to help them, but with the changing of systems and changing of the guards, unless he changes he’s game it would be a good idea (For both team and the Player) to move him for parts that will eventually (I hope) make the Oilers a winning team again.

Good luck Mr. Hemsky. 

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