Pictures From Anton Lander's Timrå Good-Bye

Our good friend Jimmy Hamrin has 143 pictures taken by the outstanding Katarina Olsson during Timrå IK's farewell celebration for Anton Lander and Sebastian Erixon.  There are some amazing shots of Lander in the group.

From Jimmy's game report:

It felt at times like a rock concert with all of the expectations before the game and people spontaneously started applauding long before the game began and within a few seconds, everyone in the arena joined in.  I was also completely unprepared for the build-up during  the player presentations. It was really powerful at times. We are great fans and we have a fantastic arena to create intensity. I got goose bumps all over my body.

Jimmy posted the rosters and game results from the match here, and I have to say, that goal by Lander at 19:59 looks a bit fishy.

1 Sebastian Feuk (93)

2 Eric Moe, Sundsvall Hockey
18 Christoffer Holmström-Coox, Kovlands IF (10/11)
24 Robin Gilliusson, Sollentuna HC (10/11)
27 Erik Gustafsson, Philadelphia Flyers
36 Pär Styf, Timrå IK (10/11)
42 Simon Bertilsson, Brynäs IF
50 Sebastian Erixon, Vancouver Canucks
58 Filip Lander (95), Timrå IK

7 Jonathan Hedström, Asplövens HC
12 Robert Carlsson, Timrå IK (07/08)
16 Anton Axelsson, Frölunda HC
19 Calle Järnkrok, Brynäs IF
20 Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings
51 Anton Lander, Edmonton Oilers
72 Jesper Samuelsson, Vita Hästen
88 Christopher Erixon, Kovlands IF
91 Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson, Edmonton Oilers
93 Markus Johansson, Kovlands IF (10/11)
95 Adam Nilsson, Kovlands IF

Timrå IK:

39 Stefan Ridderwall
84 Joakim Lundström

3 Jesper Dahlroth
4 Elias Granath
9 Marucs Högström
18 Antti Halonen
25 Nichlas Torp
33 Mat Robinson
37 Patrik Edlund (92)
44 Oscar Hedman

6 Simon Önerud
8 Per Hallin
10 Viktor Hertzberg
14 Johan "Bagarn" Andersson
19 Max Friberg
21 Alexander Larsson
22 Martin Röymark
23 Yared Hagos
26 Jeremy Boyce-Rotevall (93)
27 Timo Pärssinen
49 Johan "Gnagarn" Andersson
63 Ilkka Pikkarainen

Lander and Erixon's friends turned out for them -- Zetterberg, Pääjärvi, Järnkrok -- all played on team Lander/Erixon.  The NHL sends players away with awkward press conferences by shocked players and uncomfortable general managers, the SEL sends them off with an all-star celebration.  It's an outstanding tradition, and judging by Jimmy's game report, Timrå's made Anton Lander's departure a memorable one.
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