Robby Dee Exits The Organization


Photo by:  Peter Buehner, University of Maine Athletic, with permission

C&B:  Are you planning on coming back for your senior year?

Dee:  Yeah, for sure. I haven't really spoken with Edmonton at all, but that's the plan for right now. One day, I want to play in the NHL, so I do whatever I can to prepare myself each and every day to eventually meet my ultimate goal of getting there.

C&B:  Does Edmonton stay in touch with you?

Dee:  A little bit, not so much as of late, but I try not to worry about that so much. I just try to play my game. If they call me, I'll talk to them, which they did a little bit last year. I'm sure they're watching so I don't worry about it.

It should have been obvious from the time I first spoke with Robby Dee that the Edmonton Oilers weren't enthralled with Dee's future.  "I haven't really spoken with Edmonton at all" should set off alarm bells, but at the time, the Oilers were experiencing serious communication breakdowns throughout the organization.  With that frame of reference, we just chalked it up to those front office guys trying to find a hole in the ground.

But it wasn't to be.  For whatever reason, the Oilers decided that Dee wasn't worth a look.  Maybe it was his injury history, maybe it was a potential logjam at center in the lower levels of the organization, or maybe it was the lack of available contracts.  Maybe they just weren't enthralled by Dee's numbers at Maine. 

Guy Flaming wrote a wonderful piece about Dee's situation and expressed hope that Dee finds an opportunity somewhere:

I hope a team gives him a look at their camp next month and that he earns himself a pro contract. It's a shame how injuries can impact a promising career but Dee has shown glimmers of being able to put himself back on track. I hope he gets the opportunity at the next level because I'm curious to see if he can make it.

I'm hopeful as well, not just because of curiosity, but because Robby Dee is a bright kid with some game and a good head on his shoulders.  Flaming points out how badly injuries derailed his development and his career, something Oilers' fans should be familiar with. I have a bit of a soft spot for guys that have to overcome significant obstacles like multiple injuries and I find myself cheering for Dee to make it. 

Here's hoping he gets at least a chance to prove himself.

Thanks to Peter Buehner and the University of Maine Athletics for the photo.

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