Ryan Batty's Appearance On CBC Radio


Photo by Matt Boulton, via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons license.

CBC Radio was nice enough to move their studio to Ryan's mom's basement for the morning and conducted a really nice interview, one which made Ryan sound like he knew what he was doing. I like how the host kept bringing up Khabibulin and Ryan deftly avoided swearing about the contract.

The interview was for a regular segment on CBC Radio, Epinion, which features a different local blogger, podcaster or tweeter each week. Rather than run screaming for the hills from new media, CBC does a nice job tagging along.

The radio industry has done a better, though not good, job compared to other forms of old-line MSM media when it comes to dealing with technology and new media, though they've had the disastrous legal losses to copyright and satellite to knock the industry down a few pegs.

Robert Krulwich delivered an address on this very topic -- new media and journalism, one in which he talked about the future of journalism, a future that's already arrived:

After they wrote, they tweeted and facebooked and flogged their blogs, and because they were good, and worked hard, within a year or two, magazines asked them to affiliate (on financial terms that were insulting), but they did that, and their blogs got an audience, and then they got magazine assignments, then agents, then book deals, and now, three, four years after they began, these folks, five or six of them, are beginning to break through. They are becoming not just science writers with jobs, they are becoming THE science writers, the ones people read, and look to… they're going places. And they're doing it on their own terms! In their own voice, they're free to be themselves AND they're paid for it!

Not everyone has realized the change taking place:

It's an instructive case study in what I've been writing and talking about for a long time -- old school newspaper editors are hiring online in ways that make no sense. The same hiring model that helped to bankrupt newspapers has now spread online with no tangible benefit to the online sites.

As long as people who are "just a blogger" like Ryan continue to knock out work like he does here and pull off interviews like the one with CBC, people like Ryan will remain the future of journalism. CBC already recognizes that.

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