Per Game Power Play Production In The NHL, or, Has Hemsky Been Hamstrung By Bum Chums?

During the discussion about Ales Hemsky's failings on the power play, a number of people mentioned the sub-par teammates on the ice with Hemsky.  Our very own Scott Reynolds responded:

Teammates will definitely make a difference, and that’s probably part of the problem here, but I think we need to be careful not to overstate its importance. Penner is a pretty good "man in front of the net" and he had that role for the large majority of Hemsky’s ice time. Horcoff and Gagner at center are by no means perfect, but they were a combined 51% on PP draws over the last four years, which is below average, but not so bad that you’d expect a massive difference with a replacement, and Gagner’s a pretty darn good passer too. On the blueline, the Oilers have had a wide variety of players over the last four seasons, and while Souray and Foster didn’t prove to be particularly effective here, both of them have been part of effective units in other places, as has Visnovsky. Better teammates would certainly make Hemsky better, but it’s not like he’s been playing with humps.

I wanted to see how Hemsky's teammates compared to the rest of the league on the power play.  Using the top five players by power play time on ice per 60, minimum of 40 games played, in 2010-11 for each of the 30 NHL teams, I added their combined games played and combined career power play goals.  The right most columns are the per game and per 82 game averages of the group.  This is not a detailed study, nor do I consider it to be predictive at all, rather, it's a stake in the ground to begin to view power play performance by team.

ANA 2918 386 0.132 54.24
WSH 2031 260 0.128 52.49
S.J 3800 432 0.114 46.61
PIT 1714 192 0.112 45.93
T.B 3250 361 0.111 45.54
L.A 2496 274 0.110 45.01
COL 2045 218 0.107 43.71
OTT 3224 328 0.102 41.71
MTL 1990 190 0.095 39.15
CHI 2495 235 0.094 38.62
DET 4527 423 0.093 38.31
N.J 4240 389 0.092 37.62
CGY 3555 326 0.092 37.60
BOS 3612 325 0.090 36.89
BUF 1914 172 0.090 36.84
CAR 2150 184 0.086 35.09
PHI 3760 306 0.081 33.37
FLA 3473 270 0.078 31.87
PHX 3438 265 0.077 31.60
MIN 3383 260 0.077 31.51
DAL 3279 252 0.077 31.51
VAN 2885 214 0.074 30.41
NYR 1688 125 0.074 30.36
CBJ 2011 139 0.069 28.34
NYI 816 56 0.069 28.14
TOR 2281 149 0.065 26.78
EDM 1873 121 0.065 26.49
NSH 2558 162 0.063 25.97
STL 1707 105 0.062 25.22
ATL 2022 114 0.056 23.12


Edmonton's top five - Kurtis Foster, Ales Hemsky, Tom Gilbert, Dustin Penner & Sam Gagner have the 4th-lowest career power play goals per game in the league.  Humps or not humps, that can't be a good thing.

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