Kings Fans invade Oiler Nation

As a fan of Copper & Blue, I need to tell you guys I love what you do. I live in Korea so I don't get too much news on the Oilers, and I don't get to see every game. This blog has definitely been here for me the whole season in a big way. I check it around 4 or 5 times a day. I read through GDTs religiously. Scott Reynolds, I am a huge fan. I love your insight. But I've got to ask why the whole LA and Penner thing?

I’ve noticed a lot of OilKing posts recently, and thought I’d try to gauge the interest of readers in these posts particularly LA GDT. I figure, since this is an SB Nation blog, whether a post is deemed appropriate or not for this site's main page, should be based on how interested members of that nation are in that style or series of posts. Of equal importance, particularly for posts unrelated to the present Oiler team, is what a post has to offer to the Oiler community. One way we might gauge that interest would be to take a look at the amount of comments and amount of posters on each LA GDT. I took a quick look.  

You guys love stats, so here are some stats for you on the OilKings GDTs:





Feb. 28th

vs. Red Wings


6 posters

Mar. 3rd

vs. Coyotes


Penner's first game, 7 posters

Mar. 5th

vs. Canucks


5 posters

Mar. 7th

vs. Stars


4 posters

Mar. 9th

vs. Red Wings


3 posters

Mar. 11th

vs. Blue Jackets


2 posters, 19 by one poster

Mar. 13th

vs. Stars


13 comments by 1 poster

Mar. 15th

vs. Preds


1 poster, am I missing something?

Mar. 17th

vs. Blues


3 posters, comment spread by poster: 1, 9, 21.

Mar. 19th

vs. Ducks



Mar. 21st

vs. Flames


1 poster


Before the break, I figured two things go into whether or not something should be posted on the front page. I could be way off, but it seems to me like these make sense. 

The first was interest. Interest in similar posts is very high. Oilers GDTs almost always have more than 100 comments. How do LA GDTs compare? Not well. Interest started a high, but dropped off dramatically. The number of comments has steadily decreased, and the majority of the recent comments have been made by one poster. It seemed to interest readers at the beginning, it was a bit of a novelty. But now? It's starting to seem more like an individual's blog. Often ‘post series’, such as the Oilers GDT, will maintain a certain amount of comments. Oilers GDT generally run anywhere between 100 - 350. This series has not maintained a consistent number. Furthermore, the number of different commentators on each thread would seem to indicate a lack of interest from Oiler nation.

Secondly, what does this offer the Oiler nation? I can't really answer that. I understand people are interested in seeing what happens to Penner, and to a lesser extent Smyth, Stoll, and Greene. However, does the fact that a particular NHL team holds four(?) former Oilers necessitate such a heavy coverage of a team other than the Oilers? If multiple posters were commenting on these threads, it would indicate to me that it was offering something to the Oiler nation: at the very least a venue for discussion. But it hasn't been that. One person commenting alone, multiple times in a forum thread does not constitute a discussion. I'm more interested in them losing as many games as possible, but if I need to check their wins and losses I'll check out, or (heaven forbid) the LA Kings SB Nation.

Like I said earlier, I love Copper & Blue. The articles are interesting, and they offer me something: interesting insight, facts or stats. I don’t see these two things in the LA GDTs, so I ask: Are the readers of Copper & Blue interested in these GDTs? Should they continue to be posted on the front page? Are people interested and just don't want to post? Why do they continue? Can they be moved somewhere else, like fanposts?

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