Weekend Update: Another One Falls

Magnus Paajarvi, one of the last hopes for exciting hockey. Photo by Lisa McRitchie all rights reserved.

The Edmonton Oilers were getting stringing together a nice string of wins, the roadtrip this week may have been exactly what was needed to bring Oilers' fans back down to earth. If nothing else, it was an excellent opportunity for the hockey fan in all of us to see some players that you can't watch very often, unless you have centre ice. I do wish that eastern sports feeds were more easily accessible to western hockey fans and of course vice versa. We all pay enough for cable and sattellite, but there is an opportunity for more money to be made through gamecentre and centre ice.

The Oilers started out in Philadelphia on Tuesday where the Oilers suffered a 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers.  On Wednesday, the Oilers suffered a painful 5-0 loss to the Washington Capitals. Friday saw a glimmer of hope as the Oilers lead the Detroit Red Wings for most of the game, then fell short in overtime, losing 2-1.

Gilbert Brule was deemed ready to play on Wednesday, but coach Tom Renney wanted another look at Alexandre Giroux who was brought up on emergency call-up. Maybe it was just about being nice, or considerate, or maybe Renney just had a feeling, just knew that there would be need for another player. In what was of course described as another freak accident, Ryan Jones was jumping off of the bench as Sam Gagner was reaching for a water bottle and Gagner suffered a cut wrist. The team's medical staff at first stitched up the wound and Gagner played the rest of the game. The following day, Gagner stayed in Washington to see a hand specialist. the medical staff did an exploratory surgery and discovered a cut tendon. With that discovery, Gagner is out for the rest of the season and will not be able to play for Team Canada in the world championships.

Seeing as how most of the news lately has been sooooo depressing, let's have a look at a video that made us laugh earlier this season. It should be able to work again. 

On the defence front, Alex Plante was sent down to Oklahoma City, while Jeff Petry was called up. 

Edmonton Oilers' fans were issued an apology letter from Oilers president Patrick LaForge. LaForge was apologizing for the leaky roof at Rexall Place. This is also another reminder from the Oilers that they would like a new arena, and they are hoping that Oilers' fans are behind them.

The Oilers and the city of Edmonton lost one of it's strongest supporters this week with the passing of Vic Mah, owner of the Blue Willow Restaurant and long time season ticket holder. Mah was on a first name basis with many Oilers and Oil Kings past and present, and leaves behind a legacy with the OIl Kings. Every month the Oil Kings present the Blue Willow award to the unsung hero.

The Edmonton Oil Kings Had a light schedule this week, just two games. Saturday night, the Oil Kings played the Medicine Hat Tylers, or Tigers, losing 3-1 in Medicine Hat. On Friday night, the Oil Kings were in Prince Albert but loss to the Raiders 5-2.  

This week, the Oilers have two remaining home games in the regular season against the Lethbridge Hurricanes on Tuesday and the Red Deer Rebels on Friday. 


In NHL news, Zdeno Chara made an extremely unfortunate hit on Max Pacioretty. Pacioretty hit his head against the glass at the end of the players bench, as I'm sure everyone has seen at least five times. In case you were on vacation or otherwise busy all week, you can see the hit here. Had Pacioretty not been moving still, the hit might have been less dangerous and potentially career ending. Chara was not assessed any further punishment in the form of suspensions or fines.

Gary Bettman signed a five year extension last year, but it wasn't made public until Friday. Nothing has or will change it seems. 

The Phoenix Coyotes' deal is still not resolved. The city of Winnipeg is still holding out hope that one day the NHL will return to the city, and dream that it might be the Phoenix Coyotes. I was much younger when the Jets left Edmonton, and I didn't pay that much attention to the business side those days, but I don't remember this much fuss. Maybe that's just my maple leaf glasses though. 


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