The Copper & Blue's Post Of The Year


via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

So here are the various nominations for the 'post of the year'. All but one come from this season, which I presume is because Oil fans have purposefully obliterated all memories of last season in a desperate bid to retain a sliver of sanity. (I presume this collective amnesia is why Lowe and Tambellini think they can get away with a rebuild that constantly seems to reset itself, but that's quite another question).

So below the jump are the nominations with the links to the posts...

1) Supporting the Oilers these days requires what I would term blind faith. This is reflected in Scott's ever popular game-day sermons. Derek thinks this was the best one from a rich bunch, and I'm inclined to agree.

2) In what is surely an attempt to split the vote, we have not one but three nominations drawn from the gentle musings of Ben Massey:

a) His open letter to Steve "I Assess 'em Real Good" Tambellini on the Dustin Penner trade

b) His bitter-sweet take on the Oiler's 9-2 flogging of the Chicago Blackhawks

c) And in case you thought Ben needed to just come out and say what's really on his mind, there's this sawn-off shotgun of a postgame rant at the end of last season. Such fun!

3) Sheps gets all philosophical on us

4) The collected works of Dawgbone

5) As Derek will attest, sometimes you can use logic like a rapier, stealthily eviscerating your opponent with a series of precision cuts. Then again, sometimes you just use it like a club, and aim a big swing right where it hurts

6) The best news of the year.

7) And *its a festivus miracle new entry*. From deep within his zamboni-proof basement, Derek decides to eviscerate the mainstream media over Ryan Whitney's peg leg.

Of course, this is just a short selection of some really excellent writing and many superb posts and excellent writers have been neglected. So many thanks to all the writers on this site and happy new year.

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