The Stars, Caps & Funny Math In The Scorer's Box

Tomes have been written about the problems with home scorer bias and home scorer errors, especially as pertains to the NHL's RTSS statisticsEdmonton's official scorers are notorious for over-counting (making up?) giveaways:

The league leaders in giveaways are none other than your Edmonton Oilers, who have been charged with a scandalous 972 such turnovers, nearly triple the 359 charged to the Blue Jackets. Not surprisingly, most of this discrepancy can be found on home ice, where trigger-happy statisticians have charged the Oil with 737 giveaways, compared to just 235 on the road.

A look at the early season RTSS data shows Edmonton's official scorers aren't allow in over-counting RTSS numbers, the boys in the box at the Verizon Center and American Airlines Center are trigger-happy on the "record hit" button.

Below is a breakdown of every NHL team by home hits per game and road hits per game.  We're early in the season, so a game against a stingy scorer could impact the numbers.  There's likely a lot of noise in the middle of these numbers, but the scorers at the top have counting issues.

Team Home Hits/Game Road Hits/Game Δ
Washington Capitals 29.4 15.0 14.4
Dallas Stars 35.8 23.6 12.3
Phoenix Coyotes 26.4 19.2 7.2
Vancouver Canucks 26.0 18.8 7.2
Chicago Blackhawks 21.4 14.3 7.1
Los Angeles Kings 27.1 21.6 5.5
Long Island Islanders 22.1 17.0 5.1
Detroit Red Wings 23.6 19.2 4.4
Montreal Canadiens 21.9 17.7 4.2
Florida Panthers 20.8 17.2 3.7
Toronto Maple Leafs 23.1 19.5 3.6
San Jose Sharks 18.8 15.4 3.4
Carolina Hurricanes 23.1 20.0 3.1
Ottawa Senators 24.3 21.8 2.4
Tampa Lightning 22.2 20.1 2.1
Philadelphia Flyers 21.8 19.9 1.9
Columbus Blue Jackets 26.2 24.8 1.4
Nashville Predators 19.0 17.7 1.3
Buffalo Sabres 17.9 17.7 0.2
Calgary Flames 17.5 18.7 -1.2
Minnesota Wild 21.7 23.8 -2.1
Boston Bruins 21.3 23.6 -2.2
St. Louis Blues 20.2 22.9 -2.7
Pittsburgh Penguins 20.5 23.5 -2.9
Winnipeg Jets 20.8 23.7 -3.0
Colorado Avalanche 19.2 22.5 -3.2
New York Rangers 23.8 27.3 -3.6
Edmonton Oilers 15.3 20.0 -4.7
Anaheim Ducks 19.9 25.4 -5.4
New Jersey Devils 15.3 24.6 -9.3

The Capitals average twice as many hits at home as they do on the road.  Either they forget how to play hockey on the road, or their official scorer naps with his face on the "hit" key.  The Stars are a physical team, as the Oilers recently found out, but their official scorer might want to take a second look at his definition of a hit.

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