A Potential Home for Souray?

Editor's Note:  This FanPost by Smytty777 is intriguing considering the CBA implications, and the implications for the Oilers, especially as it brings a clean resolution to the Souray drama.

Washington Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth makes a save against Ottawa Senators' Alex Kovalev during the second period of their NHL hockey game in Washington October 11, 2010. REUTERS/Richard Clement (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)



Could chaos in the Capital provide an opportunity for the Oilers to unload their biggest off season headache?  After the jump we take a look at the potential for a (somewhat complex) deal that might work for both sides.

The summer of Steve was fairly 'meh' this year; the promising additions of Kurtis Foster and Colin Fraser (neither of which have yet panned out) were offset by the baffling decisions to retain JFJ and to sign legitimate heavyweight but terrible hockey player Steve MacIntyre. All of these bottom of the roster additions provided little excitement as Oiler fans patiently waited for a blockbuster deal involving Sheldon Souray

Sadly, it soon became apparent that no deal for Souray, blockbuster or otherwise, would be forthcoming. There was simply no market for the aging, injury-prone D-man. Fortunately for the Oilers, the NHL environment changes quickly and the Ottawa Senators are sitting in a world of hurt and at the peak of the NHL's salary-capped world. What does this mean for the Oilers and a bus-riding Sheldon Souray? Opportunity.

This opportunity arrives in the form of the waiver reset currently scheduled for November 1, 2010 and taking a quick peak at the current NHL standings this reset could provide a massive opportunity for the Oilers to unload Sheldon Souray.

Section 13.19 of the CBA states that when the NHL waiver priority resets the team with the lowest percentage of points will be able to claim a player placed on entry or re-entry waivers. A quick look at the standings shows us the following based on points percentage:

Team Games Points Percent Points
Atlanta  8 7 0.875
Buffalo  9 7 0.777
Anaheim  9 7 0.777
Edmonton  6 4 0.666
Ottawa  8 5 0.625
New Jersey  9 5 0.555

What is abundantly clear (aside from the fact that the Oilers are still terrible) is that the Ottawa Senators are sitting near the top of the waiver priority. If the Sens maintain their horrific positioning they will be near the head of the line for a Sheldon Souray re-entry claim when the waiver priority resets on Monday. Put that together with a recent comment from Sens GM Bryan Murray that he is looking to make a move and there are definite possibilities for a deal.

The issue with simply claiming Souray is that the Sens have zero cap space. So any claim of Souray will need to be in conjunction with a salary dump. Alex Kovalev is currently on the outs in Ottawa and his $5M in salary seems like an obvious candidate for a dump, but why would the Oilers take on a bunch of salary and improve Ottawa's team while paying half of Souray's? Draft picks.

I'm not sure what the price is, maybe a second rounder and Kovalev for a 5th. Maybe Kovalev and a stud D prospect like Cowan or Rundblad for Andrew Cogliano and Souray at half price? There is potential for a deal, and Murray is likely desperate. If there is a way to pry a pick or a prized prospect out of him for Andrew Cogliano and Souray I would do it. 

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