Team Records, post-lockout

With the firing of Dave Nonis, I got to wondering how the team had fared under him as opposed to other teams who haven't fired their GM (like Edmonton). Hired in May, 2004, Nonis was GM for a team that went 130-91-25, good for 15th overall since the lockout. Here's a list of teams, showing postlockout record and coach/GM casualties. Sorted by points, with wins as a tie-breaker.

DET 162-56-28 = 352
DAL 147-78-20 = 314 GM Doug Armstrong
SJ 144-76-26 = 314
BUF 144-77-25 = 313
OTT 143-77-26 = 312 GM John Muckler, coach John Paddock
ANA 138-74-34 = 310 Coach Mike Babcock
NSH 141-80-25 = 307
NJ 141-80-25 = 307 Coaches Larry Robinson, Claude Julien
CGY 131-84-31 = 293 Coach Jim Playfair
CAR 135-89-22 = 292
NYR 128-83-35 = 291
MTL 131-90-25 = 287 Coach Claude Julien
MIN 130-80-26 = 286
COL 131-92-23 = 285 GM Pierre Lacroix, coach Tony Granato
VAN 130-91-25 = 285 Coach Marc Crawford, GM Dave Nonis
PIT 116-117-33 = 265 Coach Eddie Olczyk, GM Craig Patrick
TOR 117-99-30 = 264 Coach Pat Quinn, GM John Ferguson
ATL 118-101-27 = 263 Coach Bob Hartley
TB 118-108-20 = 256
FLA 110-100-36 = 256 GM Mike Keenan
EDM 114-106-26 = 254
PHI 109-103-34 = 252 Coach Ken Hitchcock, GM Bobby Clarke
NYI 111-108-27 = 249 Coaches Steve Stirling, Brad Shaw, GM Mike Milbury
BOS 105-107-34 = 244 Coaches Mike Sullivan, Dave Lewis, GM Mike O’Connell
WSH 100-112-34 = 234 Coach Glen Hanlon
PHX 107-122-17 = 231 GM Michael Barnett
LA 101-119-26 = 228 GM Dave Taylor
CBJ 102-121-23 = 227 Coach Gerard Gallant, GM Doug MacLean
CHI 97-119-30 = 224 Coach Trent Yawney
STL 88-127-41 = 217 Coach Mike Kitchen

Notice anything about that list? I know I do. Edmonton is the worst-performing, post-lockout team with managment/coaching intact. Tampa Bay is a close second. Presumably, appearances in the Stanley Cup Final will do that for you.

Incidentally, my personal slant is that MacTavish should stay, and I've wanted Lowe to go before, but feel he probably should get one more year at this point.

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