Power-play, 2007-08

The Edmonton Oilers powerplay operated at 16.6% efficiency, tied for 20th (with ANA) in the NHL, and ahead of four playoff teams (NYR, NJ, NSH & COL). Still not a strength, there were however some encouraging signs for a team that has historically struggled with the extra man, icing players such as Toby Peterson & Todd Marchant. As with penalty-killing, these statistics are limited to players averaging more than .5 min/60 and who played in at least 20 games. Given that Jarret Stoll was a constant on the point, he's included as a defenceman.


TOI/60: Pitkanen: 4.07, Souray: 4.04, Stoll: 3.74, Gilbert: 2.19, Grebeshkov: 2.02

PTS/60: Stoll: 3.77, Gilbert: 3.01, Pitkanen: 2.11, Souray: 1.72, Grebeshkov: 1.26

GFON/60: Stoll: 6.94, Grebeshkov: 6.71, Souray: 6.29, Gilbert: 5.36, Pitkanen: 5.15

GAON/60: Grebeshkov: 0.42, Stoll: 0.79, Souray: 1.14, Gilbert: 1.67, Pitkanen: 1.87

+/- ON/60: Grebeshkov: 6.29, Stoll: 6.15, Souray: 5.15, Gilbert: 3.68, Pitkanen: 3.28

Conclusions: I am extremely confused by this data. Gilbert & Pitkanen were the most effective defencemen at generating points, while the powerplay posted its best numbers when Souray & Grebeshkov were on. Comments, explanations, anybody?

The one thing I am sure of is that Jarret Stoll's rotten year didn't extend to the powerplay.


TOI/60: Horcoff: 3.96, Hemsky: 3.69, Penner: 3.59, Gagner: 2.74, Torres: 2.63, Nilsson: 2.22, Cogliano: 2.03, Pisani: 1.82, Moreau: 0.93, Glencross: 0.92, Reasoner: 0.58, Sanderson: 0.52

PTS/60: Hemsky: 5.93, Moreau: 5.15, Penner: 4.07, Horcoff: 4.00, Gagner: 3.88, Pisani: 2.94, Sanderson: 2.81, Nilsson: 2.66, Cogliano: 2.52, Reasoner: 2.52, Glencross: 2.09, Torres: 1.43

GFON/60: Hemsky: 7.90, Penner: 7.13, Gagner: 6.93, Pisani: 6.47, Horcoff: 5.43, Glencross: 5.23, Moreau: 5.15, Torres: 4.99, Reasoner: 3.77, Cogliano: 3.60, Nilsson: 3.42, Sanderson: 2.81

GAON/60: Moreau, Sanderson, Reasoner, Glencross, Pisani: 0, Torres: 0.71, Horcoff: 0.86, Cogliano: 1.08, Penner: 1.22, Nilsson: 1.52, Hemsky: 1.54, Gagner: 1.66

+/- ON/60: Pisani: 6.47, Hemsky: 6.37, Penner: 5.91, Gagner: 5.27, Glencross: 5.23, Moreau: 5.15, Horcoff: 4.57, Torres: 4.28, Reasoner: 3.77, Sanderson: 2.81, Cogliano: 2.52, Nilsson: 1.90

Forwards with nice numbers in most categories include Hemsky, Penner, Pisani and Gagner. Then there's a clear dropoff to Horcoff, with the grinders (Moreau/Torres/Reasoner) behind him. The bottom of the list consists of Sanderson, Nilsson and Cogliano. Based on all the data here, I'd suggest Hemsky/Gagner/Penner as Unit #1 and Horcoff/Pisani with Nilsson as Unit #2. Nilsson's numbers look really bad, but I can't force myself to substitute Moreau or Torres for him.

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